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Fuel System Defects

This section provides examples of the fuel system failures caused by various factors. One of the main causes of defects is poor quality of diesel fuel mixture:

- Fuel with various motes that accumulate in the fuel tanks causes mechanical fuel system part wear;

- Fuel with various liquid impurities:

  • condensation / water accumulated in the fuel system over a longer period or during winter, when temperature fluctuations range  from – C° to + C° and cause fuel system corrosion;
  • accidentally filled with gasoline, or other liquids that damage the quality of the fuel mixture and the quality of lubrication that causes different defects.

In order to prevent and reduce the fuel system defects, we recommend to change the fuel filters in time and use the diesel fuel additive that offers our company - STANADYNE Performance Formula ®
(In the section "Fuel Additives" you can obtain additional information about the fuel additives  offered by Vidzemes Dizelu Remonta Centrs, Ltd.)

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